I am now making up for not posting anything for such a long time! It's been a crazy few months. But we are all doing pretty well now and ready for summer.

The kids are getting so big. Zoe is now sitting on her own and pulling herself up. She loves to stand and might be walking by her birthday. She LOVES her brother and the dog. We are not sure if the "Mama" she is saying refers to me, the mother, or Emma, the dog. It's so amazing to see her grow. She has come such a long way since the beginning of May.

John is having a good summer so far. We went Strawberry picking at one of the local farms. He had a great time, Zoe on the other hand was not a happy camper. I'm sure she'll enjoy it a ton more next year when she can walk around. The other day the boys went out to get "a small fish to put in a small fish tank". As you can see from the pictures that's not exactly what they came home with. So far we have 4 fish (we think one might be pregnant), but I was told that's just phase one and that in a couple of weeks we shall be proud owners of more. Luckily PetSmart has a 2 week fish guarantee! :-) I must say it's pretty relaxing to stare at them. I wonder what the cat will think of them.

As John would say, "See you soon Baboon!"

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