I know you have all been dying to see what we were up to (aside from work) this December, here's a quick summary:
- Lots of decorating for Christmas

- John got to see Santa a few times and love it. Zoe wasn't too sure of the guy with the white beard. But now every time she see a picture of Santa she goes "Ho Ho Ho".

- I was the lucky winner of a beautiful necklace from Alloy Jewelry. They engraved it with the kid's names.

- John and I had lots of fun at his preschool's Christmas party. He was so excited to see Santa that he took another kid's turn, hey you snooze you loose right?.

- John and I got to go on a special date to the Science Center to see the robots and trains. Daddy and Zoe got to go on a special date, I think to buy last minute gifts, but Zoe was sworn to secrecy so I'll never know. We all had a great time!

- We celebrated an early Christmas Eve at our friend's Tracy and JT's house where the kids turned their chair into a very fun cave. And of course John wanted to know who all the presents under the tree were for and if he could open them all!

- Dave and the kids got to read The Night Before Christmas. They put out cookies and milk for Santa, but not before they passed a rigorous quality check performed by both kids. And of course Zoe wanted to eat them all, she didn't quite understand why you would just leave perfectly good cookies just sitting out. Then inspector John made sure to clear out the fireplace so that Santa had enough room to come down the chimney and got down with his flashlight and inspected the flue. Once everything looked good enough (Santa was still going to have to use some magic to come in) they went to bed.

- Let the fun begin!!! THANK YOU everybody for making our Christmas sooooooo special! We had so many presents we turned it into a VERY FUN two day event!

- We finished our year at our friend's, The Millers, house. They had this fantastic kid friendly party where we toasted every hour starting at 7pm so that you could head out with the little ones whenever you wanted and didn't have to miss the toast. The kids had a great time playing there.

- We had a very busy end of the year. We had a great time! Now we can't wait to see all our family in 2011! Here are some pictures:

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